Will the firewood be hardwood?

Yes we only sell 100% Kiln Dried Hardwood logs sourced from sustainable British suppliers.

What moisture content are your logs?

Our British hardwood logs have been dried in sustainable biomass-fuelled kilns to 100% guarantee a moisture content of less than 20%. This will give you a consistent clean burn with maximum heat output.

Burning kiln dried wood will greatly reduce emissions and reduce the tar and soot build up in your stove and chimney.

Our bulk bags of logs usually contain a mixture of log sizes (all a maximum of 25cm in length) so often the less chunky logs have an extremely low moisture content and the chunkier can read slightly higher towards the 20% moisture content limit.

What size are your logs?

Our logs are all cut to an average length of 25cm (10 inch) in length. In some cases you may find shorter or longer log lengths in the bag which is an inevitable part the cutting process. Our logs will fit almost all stoves. Unfortunately we are unable to cut logs to specific measurements for customers.

What are the net & bag measurements?

Bag and nets sizes are listed when you click on each product on our website. Nets - 20cm x 30cm x 50cm. Volume = 0.03 cubic meters (30 litres)

Bulk Bags - 80cm x 80cm x 80cm. Volume = 0.512 cubic meters (512 litres)

What is the difference between kiln dried logs & seasoned logs?

Seasoned logs have typically been cut, split and left to dry naturally. This is a much longer process, taking anywhere from a few months to a few years to thoroughly dry out, depending on the species and size of the log. During this time, the moisture content in the wood decreases naturally, making it suitable for burning.

Our kiln dried logs have been dried in sustainable biomass-fuelled kilns to 100% guarantee a moisture content of less than 20%. After being cut and split, the logs are placed in large chambers called kilns, where they are exposed to heated air circulation, this extracts the moisture in just a few days.

In terms of their suitability for burning, both seasoned (only if properly done) and kiln dried logs offer excellent performance. However, the key distinction lies in the quality. The kiln drying process is very thorough and ensures optimal moisture content all the time.

Where should I store my logs?

If you have the space, the ideal place to store your kiln dried logs, to keep them at their best for longer, is in a log store. Your logs should be stored off the ground, in a well-ventilated area and covered. We sell a range of beautiful bespoke wood stores that keep your logs stored in the perfect environment. Your log store should be strategically located with access to sunlight, good airflow and easy access for delivery vehicles.

Can you stack my logs?

Unfortunately we are unable to stack your logs on delivery.

Is my delivery free?

All of our free delivery postcodes are shown on our delivery information page, please check this page to see if your postcode is shown. There is a £10 delivery charge applied to some postcodes, this is due to daily ULEZ charges. If your postcode is not shown, unfortunately we do not deliver to that area.

Can I specify a day for delivery?

You can make a note in the delivery instructions section when ordering online if you wish to ask us to deliver on a specific day. We will try our very best to accommodate this for you, however this is not always possible as we group our deliveries together to certain areas, to reduce our delivery milage and carbon foot print. Please note, you do not have to be home for us to deliver your firewood.

Can I get next day delivery?

Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee next day delivery. Some deliveries may arrive sooner than 5 to 7 working days. Please be prepared and order your firewood when you are getting low, before you run out.

Can I give you special instructions regarding my order?

Yes, you can make a note in the delivery instructions section when ordering online. If you forget to leave your instructions when ordering, please give us a call and we can manually update your order for the delivery driver. 

Can I collect my order?

No, we do not offer a collection service, we are a delivery only company. Please be prepared and order your firewood when you are getting low and before you run out.

What happens after I place my order?

  1. You will receive an email confirmation of your order.
  2. Once we have planned our delivery routes, you will receive a “Ready for Delivery” email 24-48 hours before delivery day. This will give you your delivery day and estimated time of arrival.
  3. When the van leaves the farm for its delivery round, you will receive an “Order is on the way” email, giving you a delivery window +/- 30 minutes from ETA (1 hour window) 
  4. You will receive an “Order is # stops away” email, when we are getting closer.
  5. And finally, once we have delivered your firewood, you will receive an “Order has been delivered” email.

How will my order be sent?

All orders will be delivered on our long wheelbase van, pictured on the delivery page. We will endeavour to offload the firewood as close as access allows to where you would like it placed. Bulk Bags are removed from the van using the tail lift, not by crane! Bulk Bags can not be dragged along the floor as they can damage your driveway. For limited access we suggest ordering log nets as these can easily be carried through side gates, up & down stairs etc.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel any order for any reason providing it hasn't yet been dispatched, once it has been dispatched we are unable to cancel. For us to be able to arrange a full refund and ensure your order does not go out for delivery, please contact us immediately on 07849 096 411 or email sevenoaksfirewood@hotmail.com  

What If something is wrong with my order?

If there is something wrong with your order you must contact us immediately upon receipt and we will be happy to work with you to resolve it.

If you need to swap an item or need us to collect faulty products we will do this at no extra cost. Please contact us immediately on 07849 096 411 or email sevenoaksfirewood@hotmail.com  

How do I pay?

All orders should be placed online via this website, paying by credit card, debit card, apple pay etc. We can accept payments by bank transfer if you contact us by email for details on sevenoaksfirewood@hotmail.com

Unfortunately we can not accept cash, cheque or payment over the phone.

What is the VAT rate on my order?

If you are buying products from our firewood collection the VAT rate is 5%. If you are buying products from our log store collection the VAT rate is 20%.

Do you have any customer reviews?

We have over 180 five star Google reviews left by our customers. These can be seen at the bottom of each page on our website or search for us on Google to read them.