Top down burning method

Why Top-Down Fire Lighting is Best for Wood Burning Stoves

There are several ways to start a fire, with the pyramid and layered Jenga-style being popular methods. While these techniques work, the top-down approach is superior for wood-burning stoves.

What is a Top-Down Fire?

A top-down fire places the biggest logs at the bottom, smaller logs and kindling on top, and is lit from the top. This method produces less smoke, burns brightly from the start, and requires less maintenance.

Why is a Top-Down Fire Best for Wood-Burning Stoves?

Traditional fire-building methods are inefficient for wood-burning stoves, requiring constant maintenance and tending. A top-down fire, however, produces less smoke, burns more efficiently, and is easier to maintain.

How to Build a Top-Down Fire

  1. Base: Start with our kiln-dried firewood, preferably birch logs as they are super easy to light. 
  2. Structure: Build upwards, adding smaller logs until you have two or three layers.
  3. Kindling: Place kindling and our natural firelighters on top.
  4. Ignite: Light the firelighters and watch as the fire spreads downward.

This method is effective and straightforward, making it a game-changer for wood-burning stove users.

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