Oak Log Nets

Oak Log Nets

Sevenoaks Firewood Ltd.

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Fire up the stove or pizza oven with our dreamy kiln-dried Oak hardwood logs!

These like all of our logs are dried in biomass-fueled kilns to less than 20% moisture content, meaning they're ready for you to burn straight away.

Oak gives you the longest burn duration of all firewoods meaning less refuelling and it is super dense giving great heat output.

If you're an alfresco dining enthusiast, our kiln dried oak logs complement any barbecue dish, offering a balanced smoky taste. Each net holds around 10 logs, varying in thickness but all under 10 inches long.

Any larger logs in the nets can easily be split down with a small axe to give you ultimate temperature control in your pizza oven or BBQ.

Packed in 100% recyclable polythene nets, plus we plant a tree for every order! What's not to love?