Birch Log Nets

Birch Log Nets

Sevenoaks Firewood Ltd.

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  • Transform your fireside experience with our Woodsure-certified 'Ready to Burn' Kiln-Dried Birch Hardwood Logs, perfect for creating those warm, unforgettable moments!

    Our premium Birch logs are meticulously dried to an ultra-low moisture content of under 20%, ensuring they light effortlessly, burn fiercely, and fill your space with a delightful, fresh scent. Each 30L net contains 10 high-quality logs, with lengths not exceeding 25cm (10 inches), making them ideal for immediate use in your wood-burning appliances.

    Not only are these logs perfect for those with limited storage space, but they also come in 100% recyclable polythene nets, aligning with your eco-friendly lifestyle. Plus, for every order, we plant a tree, allowing you to enjoy your cozy fireside while giving back to the environment.

    Elevate your comfort and warmth with our kiln-dried Birch logs - where quality meets sustainability. Order now and light up your evenings with the perfect blend of ease, performance, and environmental responsibility!