Oak Log Box

Oak Log Box

Sevenoaks Firewood Ltd.

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Woodsure-Certified 'Ready to Burn' Kiln-Dried Oak Hardwood Logs

Oak is an excellent choice for both firewood and cooking wood. It emits a strong, sweet aroma even before being lit, resulting in wonderfully fragrant smoke as it burns. Its high density ensures substantial energy for heating.

However, oak needs to be very dry to burn efficiently. Even then, it tends to smoulder slowly into long-lasting embers rather than producing a strong flame. For a more vibrant fire, consider combining oak with other wood species or opting for our ash and birch logs, which offer a stronger live flame.

Our oak boxes, with a capacity of 52.5L, contain approximately 25 logs each (sizes may vary). Each log is no longer than 25cm (10 inches), making them immediately ready for your wood-burning appliances.

These logs are packed in 100% plastic-free, fully recyclable cardboard boxes measuring 500mm x 300mm x 350mm.