Birch Log Box

Birch Log Box

Sevenoaks Firewood Ltd.

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Woodsure-Certified 'Ready to Burn' Kiln-Dried Birch Hardwood Logs

Birch firewood is popular for use in pizza ovens and outdoor entertaining. It is excellent for alfresco cooking because it reaches temperature quickly and provides a solid level of heat.

Kiln-dried birch firewood smokes less than other varieties and emits a pleasant, subtle aroma, making it a popular choice for fire pits and indoor use.

This wood ignites easily, making it a good partner with other types of wood and producing a pleasant flame. Its eagerness to burn makes it ideal for those who want a quick, cheerful blaze in the evening.

For a slower, longer-lasting burn, consider combining birch with other wood species such as our or ash or oak logs.

Our birch boxes, with a capacity of 52.5L, contain approximately 25 logs each (sizes may vary). Each log is no longer than 25cm (10 inches), making them immediately ready for your wood-burning appliances.

These logs are packed in 100% plastic-free, fully recyclable cardboard boxes measuring 500mm x 300mm x 350mm.